Question: How many bookbags can I retrieve?

Answer: ONE (1)  In order to ensure that there is no hoarding, we are providing one bag for each person in attendance. This can be an adult or child in attendance. An adult that brings three children can retrieve four bookbags. Adults with multiple children NOT in attendance CANNOT retrieve bookbags for them.

Question: Who can retrieve a bookbag?

Answer: Anyone can retrieve a bookbag. This bookbag drive is designed to help at-risk youth who have a legitimate need for a bookbag and not those who are simply looking for a FREE bookbag.

Question: What classifies a child as at-risk?

  • Family income below $20,000
  • At least one disability
  • Retained in grade at least once
  • Speaks English less than "very well"
  • Does not live with both parents
  • Either parent imigrated in past 5 years
  • Neither parent/guardian employed

With 33.9% of children living below the poverty line in 2004 and 16.3% family poverty in 2006 – DC Government Planning and US Census. This movement is designed to help offer a fresh start to the upcoming school year. The goal of Urban Change Movement is to provide 10,000 underprivileged children K-12 students with quality book bags filled with school supplies and other life-enhancing materials. The Urban Change Movement has selected Washington area schools that have a large population of at-risk children to support this year. However, no student will be excluded that comes to retrieve a book bag.

Question: How will bags be distributed?

Answer: They will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. We encourage everyone to get their early to receive their bags.

Question: Will all bookbags have supplies?

Answer: The amount of supplies in the bookbags is based upon the amount of supplies available. Our goal is to fill each bookbag. There is no guarantee that each bag will have a full compliment of supplies.

The Life Success Book Bag Will Include:

  • School Supplies (included in all bags)
  • Personal Hygiene Products (based upon available supplies)
  • Age Relevant Reading Materials (based upon available supplies)

Question: Where can i pick up a bag?

Answer: Bags can be retrieved at any pick up location TBA

Question: So how can I/We support?

We are asking for your support to help change a child’s life in the smallest way a book bag for school. Two ways to support: Individual Donation or Corporate Sponsor.

Individual Donations: $15.00 covers one student’s bags



For corporate donations/sponsorship, click here


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